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“Ninety Percent Delicious” came about after eating a certain passion fruit/ice cream dessert in Uganda.  My mom, dad and I had just finished dinner after a full day of Ugandan sightseeing (I believe we were in Lake Bunyonyi at the time) and were looking forward to a nice cold dessert to top it off.  Our dessert arrived and we dug in.  And it was delicious!  Until . . . ewwwwww . . . . I think the acid in the passion fruit reacted with the milk in the ice cream to create a curdle effect in our mouth.  Dad asked me how I liked the dessert and I replied, “Well, it’s 90% delicious.”

Thinking about the rest of our Ugandan trip, we decided this description fit quite well.  Overall, we had a wonderful time photographing  chimpanzees, tracking gorillas, sleeping in a tree-house, boating on the lake, and spotting tree-climbing lions.  But those moments when our driver nearly fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a security gate or when our company failed to book us in our requested hotel after they had promised they would weren’t so great.  Of course this is all a part of traveling.  Not everything will go right.

I’ve since widened this concept to pretty much all of my travel experiences.  You’ve got to expect and be able to deal with that 10% of the ‘not so delicious’ stuff along the way.  Like the smelly public urinals in the alleyway of our guesthouse in Calcutta or that moment when your passport gets stolen in Ecuador (ahem, Lincoln!).  However, traveling is essentially Ninety Percent Delicious, so you should definitely go out there and check out the world!



So you want to know a little bit about us?

Linc and I:

We met in Calcutta, India in October 2009.  He was on a five-month trip before starting his full-time job, and I was in between leading tours around Bangladesh, India and Bhutan.  Linc was staying in a dirty backpackers just next door to mine.  He and his traveling buddy were looking around for a new place to stay.  He walked into my backpackers, I took one look at him, and said ‘Yes!  You should stay here!’

Turns out they did stay and the next day we had breakfast together.  After my last tour in India, Linc and I traveled around Nepal together for a few weeks.  He was returning to Australia soon to start his new job, so it was a choice of a) never see him again, or b) move to Australia.  So I moved to Australia!

We’ve now been living together in Perth for the past three years.  We love it for the most part (it’s just so damn far from everything!) but decided now was the time to take off work and go on a big adventure.  So, Lincoln got a leave of absence from work and we started booking things!  Check out our itinerary to see where we’re going this year.

Linc and I together in Nepal in November 2009

Linc and I together in Nepal in November 2009

About Bree

I grew up in Wisconsin in the USA.  My family has always been big into traveling, gradually working our way up to more exotic and far-flung destinations every vacation.  When I was young we used to go on vacation together at least once a year, but now that we’re older it’s a bit more difficult.  The six of us (my brother Kevin, my sister-in-law Micaela, my mom, my dad, Lincoln and I) try to go somewhere together every two years, which has been working out well lately.

I went to school at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  (Go Badgers!)  After graduating, I applied for Corporate America and got a great job offer.  One day while I was deciding on this job offer I saw a commercial for TGIFridays, promoting lunch with your co-workers.  I had a panic attack, thinking “I don’t want that to be me!” and knew that I shouldn’t take that job offer.

So I turned it down and got a job with Explore Worldwide, an adventure travel company that offers small group tours all over the world.  I worked as a Tour Leader, taking people on great holidays all over, including Croatia, Greece, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania, Bangladesh, India, Bhutan and Jordan.  When I met Lincoln I quit this job to live with him in Australia.

Due to visa restrictions, I started out as a waitress here in Australia, then moved back into adventure travel, working for a different company called Intrepid.  It went well for a while, but it turns out I’m a pretty crappy salesperson:  great at giving good information to people, but absolutely terrible at actually selling them anything!  So I turned to the mining industry (the biggest employer in Western Australia) and took an internship as an Environmental Adviser for BHP Billiton, the world’s largest resource company.  It went really well and I’m hoping to get a permanent job with them when we come back to Australia in January 2014.

Where I’ve Been:

Here’s a quick map to show where I’ve been on my travels throughout the years.

Red is countries I’ve lived in.

Blue is countries I’ve visited.

Green is countries we’ll be adding this year.

Where I've Been

Where I’ve been and where we’re going this year!

About Linc:

Coming soon!

Where Linc’s Been:

Red is countries (states) he’s lived in.

Blue is countries (states) he’s been to.

Green is countries (states) he’ll be adding this year.

Linc's map

Where Linc’s been and where he’s going this year.


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