Help Our Planet

Throughout my travels I’ve found some pretty great organizations that are working hard to improve the state of our world, for ourselves and the future generations.  Below is a small list of some of my favorite organizations.

Check them out here and then consider visiting some of them if you find yourself traveling nearby!

Kiva is a wonderful idea that helps small business owners in developing countries start up their companies.  The best part is that you don’t have to donate money to help- you can lend your money.  Repayment rates are about 99%, so you’re almost guaranteed to get that money back!  You can choose who you lend to (at the moment I’m lending to Mary, a fruit-shop owner in Kenya).  These small loans (most are under $1,000) really make a difference in people’s lives, especially women.  Check out the site!


David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is an organization in Kenya that helps rear orphaned elephants and rhinos and send them back in the wild.  Most babies come to the shelter after their parents have been killed by poachers.  Lincoln got to visit these guys when he was in Africa in 2011.  You can sponsor an orphan elephant or rhino, or just follow their great stories on their facebook page!



Orangutan Appeal

Orangutan Appeal is a UK-based organization that helps orangutans adapt to their new depleted habitat in Borneo, Malaysia.  Due to the planting of date palms to create palm oil, much of the rainforest in Borneo has been cut down.  The orangutans are being squeezed into smaller and smaller areas and finding it harder to find food.  These guys put out food for the wild orangutans to come and eat as they please.  Many pregnant moms or moms with newborns come to supplement their wild diet, which you can see at the viewing platform.  They also have a nursery for orphaned babies.


Krochet Kids

These guys sell knitted goods, all made by women in Uganda and Peru.  Each item is hand-signed by the woman who made it.  These hats and other items provide valuable jobs for women in small villages, creating income which allows them to send their children to school.  You get a great hat, they get a job, their kids go to school, everyone wins!






Rajana Crafts is a Cambodian company that gives underprivileged Cambodians the opportunity to make and sell crafts.  They have many items, but my favorites are their jewelry made from bombshells leftover from the Khmer Rouge era.  They have shops all over Cambodia.  You should stop by one of their shops on your next trip to Cambodia!




COPE is a non-profit organization in Laos that helps people who have lost limbs due to unexploded bombs leftover from the Vietnam war.  (did you even know that Laos got bombed? I didn’t!)  Over 20,000 people have been injured by these bombs AFTER the war ended.  COPE helps raise money for their prosthetic, wheelchairs, and rehabilitation.  If you go to Vientiane, a visit here is a must; their visitor’s center is fantastic, and you can even buy someone a leg!


Earthwatch photo

Earthwatch is an organization that works towards a sustainable environment.  They have great volunteer trips that you can join all over the world to help research animals and habitats.  Linc got to go on a trip with Earthwatch in 2010 to the Australian outback where he helped count wildlife and even met a thorny devil like this guy (left).



That’s all for now.  Of course there are hundreds more good causes around the world, these are just a few of my favorites!


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