Our Itinerary

Want to know where we are right now?  Check out our itinerary below:


Cute Indonesian Kids

Cute Indonesian Kids


April 7: Kuta, Bali

April 8-12: Hu’u, Sumbawa

April 13-14: Ubud, Bali

April 15- 17: Gili Islands

April 18-20: Uluwatu, Bali

April 21: Legion, Bali




Enrichment Voyage with Semester at Sea:

jealous? don't be! just follow along

The Med, the UK, and Scandinavia! What more could you want?

April 22- 26: Barcelona, Spain

April 28: Monte Carlo, Monaco

April 29-30: Livorno, Italy

May 3-4: Cadiz, Spain

May 5-6: Casablanca, Morocco

May 8: Lisbon, Portugal

May 11-13 Paris, France

May 14-15: Antwerp, Belgium

May 16-17: Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 19: Edinburgh, Scotland

May 21: Belfast, Northern Ireland

May 22-23: Dublin, Ireland

May 25: Dover, England

May 28-29: Oslo, Norway

June 1: Riga, Latvia

June 3-5: St. Petersburg, Russia

June 7-8: Stockholm, Sweden

June 10-11: Copenhagen, Denmark

June 13-14: Hamburg, Germany

June 16-22: London, England


Fun with Friends in Wisconsin!

At home with friends in Wisconsin




June 22- August 18: Home in the USA

July 30-August 5: Denver

August 7-11: Michigan







Linc surfing in Red Bluff, Australia

Linc surfing in Red Bluff, Australia




June 22- August 2: Surf trip in the UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco

August 2-19: South East Asia with Cathy (his mom) in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam





Aww, happy to be back together again!

Aww, happy to be back together again!




Back Together Again!

August 20- September 1: Mongolia

September 1-6: Beijing, China









Overland Voyage with Odyssey Overland

Kathmandu to Istanbul Route

Odyssey Overland’s Amazing Itinerary!

September 7- 15: Nepal

September 15-22: Tibet, China

September 22-29: Western China

September 29- October 13: Kyrgyzstan

October 13-16: Kazakhstan

October 17-20: Uzbekistan

October 21-28: Turkmenistan

October 29: Caspian Sea Ferry

October 3- November 6: Azerbaijan

November 7-21: Georgia and Armenia

November 22-25: Turkey


Brin and Tim are getting married!

Brin and Tim are getting married!



Leave Trip Early to get to Brin’s Wedding!

November 25 – December 3: Kiama, Australia












Back to finish Turkey on our own:

Winter in Wisconsin

Lincoln is looking forward to winter in Wisconsin!

December 3-11: Turkey

December 12-14: Bulgaria

December 15-16: Romania

December 17-19: Hungary

December 20- end of January: Both of us coming to the USA!


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